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Virtual hiring

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You’re likely facing a few months of uncertainty around hiring. Frustratingly, it feels like a long time to press pause

on processes you've worked so hard to mature. Which is why we've taken measures to make sure you’re in a strong position when COVID-19 passes. 

On average, a talent pipeline takes 2-4 months to mature. This means we run the risk of turning a 3-month problem into a 12+ month problem if we take drastic measures and press stop. But we can’t simply carry on as normal either. We must find a way to slow down your process enough to cope with the change, whilst maintaining momentum with candidates to support your hiring plans for the remainder of the year.

We've invested in the in the latest Video Software, designed specifically for the interview process. This technology, which is the most streamlined available on the market, allows us to provide recorded live interviews between our recruiters and candidates. We can also now involve your hiring managers in the process too. These interviews can then be shared with any decision makers in your business, without the need for diary co-ordination.

We Can Keep You Moving.


We’ve chosen a specialist provider that allows interviews to take place on laptop, tablet and mobile devices in low bandwidth situations, giving us access to even the most remote candidates. The tech requires no downloads, registrations, logins or passwords, ensuring candidates with any level of technical ability can take part.

We simply send a link, which they click once, and they’re ready to go.

We also have the ability to record one-way interviews of candidates. This means that you can give us written questions that display one at a time to the interviewee, allowing them to record the answers to the questions on their own and submit the video back to you.

From there, we can present the videos back to you in an interactive shortlist page which gives you full visibility of everyone in the process. These pages have commenting functions for each candidate shortlisted, as well as a document viewer that can hold up to five supporting attachments, such as a CV and cover letter. All of which means you retain complete control throughout, even during this time of unforeseen disruption.

By slowing the process down, but keeping the pipeline of talent moving, we can support you to maintain your position in the market - ready to pick up where you left off in a few months when it’s back to business as usual.

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