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MPA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion begins with our vision to become a global leader in the global staffing marketplace by delivering world-class recruitment solutions. Having an innovative and motivated group of people is what makes us great and is vital to MPA’s ability to be competitive in the global marketplace.

MPA does business in a way that reflects our regard for the world community and respect for our employees, suppliers, and the customers with whom we do work. Our values – safety, integrity, teamwork, excellence – are reflected in how we do business. Diversity/Inclusion is embodied in our core value of teamwork: 

"We work together with respect for each other’s perspective, sharing
knowledge to achieve excellence, deliver value, and grow individually and

Our business case for diversity /inclusion is based on three primary drivers: globalization, attractionand retention, andintellectual capital.

We need a global management team to reflect where we are in the world, further enabling us to grow business through diversity of thought, culture, and language. We expect this to lead to greater understanding of workforce and customer expectations, enhanced creativity, productivity and global perspective, and therefore superior solutions. Our desire is to attract and retain the best and brightest talent to fuel business growth, which means capitalizing on the 21st century trend towards greater diversity. We understand that creating a hospitable and engaging work environment and role models for all are key levers for MPA being employer-of-choice in the global recruitment marketplace. They are also instrumental to maintain our intellectual capital.

We firmly believe that our ability to deliver world-class solutions is dependent on our having a global work force with diverse ideas, backgrounds and expertise. A rich diversity of ideas and skills provides a competitive advantage that will benefit all of MPA’s stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.


Our strategy is based on: leadership commitment; employee development, hiring and support; learning and education; and assessment, metrics, and recognition.

We continuously work to examine and align all processes and practices to achieve our goals.

We are focused on:

  • Continuing to evolve and enrich this Global Diversity/Inclusion Resource Center as a centralized knowledge and awareness tool for employees world-wide.

  • Expanding MPA's Mentoring Circles Program

  • Supporting Local Efforts, including:

    • group education,

    • lunch and learns,

    • presentations,

    • discussions.

  • Communicating to support the above.