Business Development Manager

Job Description:

On behalf of our Client, MPA Recruitment welcomes suitable applications for the role of Business Development Manager.

The post holder will be primarily responsible for managing performance of the services delivered to customer organisations and supporting growth in services. This will include leading in support of the Assistant Director in the development of new Service Level Agreements and/or variations to existing Service Level Agreements to ensure all services provided are accurately reflected and costed. A key part of the role is ensuring that the services delivered to customers are of the agreed quality required to support the wider business needs of the client.

This will require working closely with all service areas, the Finance Team, and our customer organisations. This post will include responsibility for monitoring and reporting of key performance data in relation to Service Level Agreements.

The post holder will also be responsible for developing and leading on Business Planning processes, leading the review and implementation of Customer Survey approaches and methodologies, review, and development of Benchmarking approaches and ensuring reporting arrangements are in place for customers, SMT and the Board in agreement with the Assistant Director.

Location: Belfast

Salary: £24.10 per hour

Hours of work: 37.5 hours per week

The main duties and responsibilities of the role:

  • To lead the research, development, and implementation of a revised wide Benchmarking Strategy, developing and weighing up options to modernise the current approach.
  • To manage the corporate approach to the growth and development of services by developing and implementing appropriate policies and processes.
  • To provide high level governance advice to all Directorates, supporting services to identify and progress opportunities for growth.
  • To manage growth opportunities through to decision and ensure the realisation of the opportunity into operation through developing new Service Level Agreements or varying existing Service Level Agreements.
  • To work collaboratively with senior managers across all service areas to implement and ensure adherence to the ‘Protocol for the Operation of Service Level Agreements’.
  • To manage the development of the Service Catalogue ensuring ongoing review and updating of the Catalogue to reflect all business services
  • To oversee all service areas in relation to growth and development of new and existing services to reduce risk through the standardisation of processes and procedures.


A University Degree or relevant professional qualification and have 3 years’ experience working in a Customer Service/Performance Management/Contract Management role at middle to senior management level1 in a major complex organisation2


5 years’ experience working in a Customer Service/ Performance Management/Contract Management role in major complex organisation3, 3 of which must be working at middle to senior management level4 at middle to senior management level.

Have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders in a role which has delivered against challenging performance management programmes contributing to the successful implementation of organisational level goals.

At least 2 years’ experience in the use of Microsoft office in a workplace environment including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to support high level reporting for a wide range of audiences and the ability to analyse and interpret complex data

Demonstrate evidence of Business Case development involving significant projects spanning more than 12 months