4 Signs Its Time To Switch Up Your Career

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4 Signs Its Time To Switch Up Your Career

Li​ke most people, you’ve probably had days where you couldn’t face going to work – but don’t worry, its natural to hit a slump from time to time. However, it is important to figure out if your slump is due to a temporary change in your working life or if the root of the issue is much deeper. Have you been working on a particularly stressful or uninteresting project lately? Or has the role you once dreamed of turned into a real-life nightmare?

Our team of experienced recruitment consultants have put together a list of top warning signs that it’s time to explore new opportunities.

1. Motivation Meltdown

You’re in the office 9-5 but getting zero work completed, or maybe you can’t even motivate yourself to venture into the office - *cough cough* did someone say sick day?

The first thing to ask yourself is ‘is there anything on my mind distracting me from work?’. If the answer is yes, then maybe your lack of motivation is only temporary. However, if the answer is no, then it could be indicator that you have lost the passion and drive you had when you first started your role. If that is the case, it’s time to assess which aspects of the role you dislike - Is it your seniority, the industry, a certain duty. Identifying the issue is key in helping you to find a new opportunity that will provide you with the job satisfaction you need.

2. Glass Ceiling

Being a big fish in a little pond seems great in the beginning but if career progression is your main goal, you may need to consider dipping your toes in newer and deeper waters.  Don’t be afraid to ditch your current role in search of bigger and better opportunities – after all, the very definition of a ‘career’ according to the Oxford Dictionary is;

‘An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.’

Equally, if you have been working in a lower level position for a few years with no opportunities for progression, don’t let it get you down. Limited opportunities for progression are not always a reflection of your performance and in some cases could be more of a reflection on the company’s own growth and success – So spread your wings and see what opportunities await above the glass ceiling.

3. Company Culture

Too corporate? Too creative? Too many late nights?

Everyone has their own way of working, own processes and own personalities, this is what makes each of thrive in different environments. So, if you find yourself working for a company whose culture isn’t having a positive impact on your personal and professional development then that company probably isn’t a good fit for you. Just as every employee has their own way of working, every company does too, so carry out some research before applying for your next role until you find a company culture that you know you will thrive in.

4. Impacted Personal Life

When stress and anxieties from your working life begin to creep into your personal life, it’s time to assess your priorities. Do you continue in a career that is having a negative impact on your personal life? Or ditch the stress and explore new opportunities – The answer to this question will differ depending on each individuals’ circumstances.

Whilst it is normal to experience slight work-related stress and anxiety from time to time, if your job is putting a significant strain on your personal life then you should probably begin to explore new opportunities. It is important to always put your own health and wellbeing above your career.

What’s next? Let our experienced recruitment consultants guide your next career move. Whether you’re interested in permanent or temporary positions, we will dedicate as much time and resources as needed to find career opportunities to suits your needs.