Finding the 'Perfect Candidate'

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Finding the 'Perfect Candidate'

Every Hiring manager has been there – you have compiled an all singing, all dancing job specification and set out in search of the perfect candidate. The problem is, the ‘perfect candidate’ does not exist. We’re all only human after all, no one is perfect, so it’s time to stop chasing a myth and instead focus on finding the most suitable candidate available to your company at the time.

To help you with the process, our expert recruitment consultants have created the ultimate guide to finding the perfect candidate when the perfect candidate doesn’t exist.

1. Ask yourself ‘Why?’
The first question you should ask yourself is ‘why…’ Why are you hiring? What is the core function of the role? Employers sometimes have a habit of creating non-exhaustive job specifications that are near impossible for one candidate to fulfil – So the first step in finding the best candidate is to assess the job specification. Are you being too demanding?

As an employer, it is usually much more beneficial to hire an employee with a focused set of skills and experience rather than a candidate that is mediocre in multiple job functions. Take the original job specification, place the requirements in order of importance and focus on sourcing candidates that match these refined requirements first.

2. Candidate Character
Take time to assess the candidate’s character, have they demonstrated a passion for the role? Are they committed and adaptable? A good work ethic will often trump experience when it comes to hiring A candidate’s skillset can be developed much easier than a good work ethic can.

A candidate with a passion to work and willingness to learn is also much more likely to go the extra mile within their role.

3. Current Resources
When a hiring manager is faced with a CV with an evident skills gap, it will end up in the no pile almost every time - But remember to be realistic in your search. You can only hire the best candidates available to you at the time and what if that candidate was your best option? Take time to assess your current work force, is there an existing employee within the business that could take on duties that the potential candidate is lacking experience in? After all your employees are your best asset – so it’s important to consider how your current assets could be developed before making any final hiring decisions.

To conclude, the key to overcoming the fallacy of the ‘perfect candidate’ is to be realistic in your candidate search, be willing to compromise on your demands and invest in training to develop your existing work force.

If your company is still struggling to find suitable candidates, get in touch with one of our expert recruitment consultants today to find a recruitment solution to suit your business.