Band 5 Radiographer




Graduate, Healthcare


£11.21 to £17.94 Per Annum


See Job Description



Contract Type:

Full time



To assist in the provision of an efficient and effective radiographic service within the Radiology Directorate, in accordance with Directorate policy.To participate in the Dental Radiography Education Programme


Main Duties/Responsibilities



To participate in the provision of a Regional Dental and Maxillofacial Imaging Service by performing Highly Specialised Intra oral, Extra oral, Maxillofacial and Cephalometric radiography as required

To assess patient condition (medical, physical and emotional) and modify technique and patient management accordingly


To evaluate images in order to assess the quality, the need for additional images and to consult with the referring clinician re alternative techniques


To be responsible for the safe use of expensive and highly complex Imaging equipment


To participate in the night duty/shift/on-call duty as required.


To maintain high radiographic and professional standards in the performance of examinations

To act as an IR(ME)R Practitioner/Authorising Operator to justify and authorise radiographic examinations following Trust protocols

To undertake duties of the post in accordance with Trust policies including the Health and Safety at Work Order (1978), Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (IR(ME)R) (NI) 2000 and Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR) (NI) 2000.


To adhere to the Trust Infection Control policy in relation to Hospital Dentistry as there is frequent contact with saliva and contaminated X-ray accessories

To participate in and be committed to Continuous Professional Development



Communicate effectively with patients to describe what is required of them for the requested examination to be performed

Communicate with dental and nursing staff regarding various aspects of patient care

Ensure the accurate input and updating of patient information on the Radiology Information System (NIRADS) and the Dental Eye computed radiography system

To participate in annual PCP/PDP meetings with Supt Radiographer and identify performance standards of the post. Identify own training and development needs, to meet these standards

To deal with patient’s complaints in accordance with Trust policies and procedures

To report any defects, faults, incidents to the Supt Radiographer/ Radiographer-in-charge



To participate in the maintenance of an appropriate Quality Assurance Programme for Dental Radiology


To participate in the Dental Radiography Education programme for Undergraduate Dentists and Radiographers, Student Dental Hygienists and other Professions Complimentary to Dentistry (PCDs) as required



To participate in the multi-disciplinary Clinical Audit in the Directorate and UK wide Audit projects organised by the British Society of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology

To participate in Clinical Research as required

To perform any other duties in the Radiology Directorate deemed appropriate to the grade by the Radiology Services Manager

General Responsibilities

Employees of the Trust are required to promote and support the mission and vision of the service for which they are responsible and:

At all times provide a caring service and to treat those with whom they come into contact in a courteous and respectful manner.

Demonstrate their commitment by their regular attendance and the efficient completion of all tasks allocated to them.

Comply with the Trust’s Smoke Free Policy.

Carry out their duties and responsibilities in compliance with the Health and Safety Policies and Statutory Regulations.

Adhere to Equality and Good Relations duties throughout the course of their employment.

Ensure the ongoing confidence of the public in-service provision.

Maintain high standards of personal accountability.

Comply with the HPSS Code of Conduct.



Job Specification



LOCATION: -                      Dental X-Ray/Radiology Directorate





BSc Radiography or equivalent qualification.

HPC registration at time of appointment.

Willingness to participate in a wide range of teaching programmes

Ability to communicate effectively

Ability to use initiative.

Capable of professional development.

Keen to maintain an interest in current trends and technological developments within the profession.




Some experience in dental/maxillo-facial radiography

Some experience working with patient’s with special needs including infection risk, children and patients with learning/physical disabilities.

Highly motivated

IT skills        

Please contact MPA Belfast on 028 9521 1111 for more information